Annual Report

Dear, Parents

‘Heaven is not reached at a single bound, But we build the ladder by which we rise, From the lovely earth to the vaulted skies,   And we mount to its summit, round by round,”

Being inspired by these words I have run into the conclusion that it is education alone that can help children realize their potentialities. An education that leads to the holistic development of a child making him competent will help him keep his crown upon his head. Indeed, with this vision in mind and with the labour to succeed, we at National Public School, have been fortunate to reach soaring heights.

Our aim, has always been to set an quintessence, showing the students to exult in different fields. Our story of achievement and laurels from day one has been thrilling. The scholastic year brought good tidings with the fantastic results in class XII. Akash Kulkarni in Science gave the lead with 88.2%. Anant Jain, who followed up with 87.8% in Commerce.

Another gem to our crown is the E-pathshala, equipped with high tech, making knowledge attainment and learning cum teaching, effective.

The sports arena brought in an endless list of winners and victors. All those who participated in various competitions like Inter School Throw ball, Soft ball, School Sahodaya Road Race, Skating, Football, Taekwondo, etc adorned the show cases with medals, trophies, momentums etc.

The story of bagging laurels continued with recognition in Singing, Dance, Recitations, Extempore etc. They were appreciated immensely since most of them were inter-school, CBSE organized or state level. Since each one of us cannot be great and do great things, yet we can do small things greatly. Yes, it’s the Flower show, Malwa Rose Society, Teachers Day slogan competition that brought great appreciation to our kids with their winning of Awards, Medals and certificates.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty  of their dreams. At the Aarohan Youth Festival, We won a Trophy as the 2nd Runner up – made us proud since it was the first time we participated. Workshops, seminars, and lectures both for teachers and students have always been the order of the day. Consequently we have been successful in grooming our family of teachers and students for a better tomorrow. Our Annual Function coupled with the various rallies, getting the public aware and conscious have brought us into the limelight of popularity.

Life itself is a big menu. When life offers you its goodies, pickup a few and pass on the rest. It is quality and not quantity that matters. Here I fall short of words to express the gratitude felt by the Management Committee and self to the staff members, students, non-teaching staff, parents and those behind the stage, for their devoted services and co-operation and unending support.

Happy Reading

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